This is what we do...


Multiple devices iconSetting up your Website

We start by setting up a structure - with navigation in place, tailored to meet your requirements for the website.  Then we lay out the pages, ready for content to be inserted. By employing an internationally recognised framework you can be confident that the system is engineered to work effectively and reliably on all types of modern devices.

Pen icon

Making the Message

Not sure what to say? We'll discuss your business with you and can provide text written in accurate, plain English for your approval.  If you prefer, you may supply your own text and we'll place it in the website for you. 

Brush iconGraphics

Images quickly convey concepts and help your audience find the information they are looking for.  Logos, icons and diagrams all require graphic design skills.  We are able to create and source graphics depending on your requirements, and can also include any that you have ownership of.

Camera icon


Want to enhance your website with photos?  We can take the pictures for you, use ones you supply, or purchase from a picture library.  In most cases we will also need to digitally process photos so that they are of the ideal size to load quickly into mobile devices.

Video camera icon


Video communicates a strong message. Drawing on broadcast and training TV experience, we can script, shoot and edit video for insertion into your web pages.

handle with care iconHosting and Maintenance

We handle our websites with care: An effective website needs to run on fast computers with excellent Internet connections.  To ensure high performance and reliability, we only use servers located in specialist UK centres. Regular monitoring and maintenance is also an important feature of our website hosting package.

Meeting iconContinuous Support

We believe that regular communication with you is vital to achieve the outcome that you desire. Support can be provided on your premises, by telephone and email. We will teach you how to login to your website to update text and images whenever you wish, or we'll do this for you if you prefer.

Email iconBusiness Email

Having your email address matching the web address gives a consistency to your online presence. Email is included in the hosting package - you may have up to 5 accounts for free.  These work in all the major email packages including GMail, Yahoo Mail and Microsoft Outlook.

Payment Processing

Linking to PayPal or other payment processing systems for online transactions.


Growth chart iconBuilt for growth

No matter what the size of the website is to start with, the system we use is robust and expandable -  ready for development when required.