Frequently Asked Questions

What is a micro-website?

Our micro-websites are small websites consisting of up to 5 pages.  They are an affordable way to get online with a professional website with the potential to grow when your business needs it.  This method helps spread the costs when starting up without compromising on quality or future expansion.  If micro is not for you, please contact us about our tailored packages for larger websites.

How will I add content to my website?

Similar to large organisations, your website will run on a content management system (CMS) - which gives flexibility when you want to update or expand it. To get you going some content and images may already be added for you.  So that you can change and add text and images, you will be given an ID and password to securely login to edit your pages. 


What help and support will I get?

Plenty - from a qualified and experienced IT teacher.  No knowledge or experience of website editing is required. Once your website has been created you will be supported by telephone and email to ensure that you are confident in what you are doing.  Site visits are also possible in South Devon, Plymouth and Exeter.

Why will my website need hosting and maintenance?

After your website has been designed and created it will be uploaded to a computer in London or Manchester.  These are called hosting servers, which have fast and reliable connections to the Internet 365/24/7.  Similar to how a car needs regular maintenance to run quickly and reliably, so does a website.  We frequently monitor the server for performance, check error logs and make improvements to keep the website functioning at its best.  Its worth every penny!

Will search engines list my website?

For all our websites we use design principles that assist in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - this ensures that Google, Bing and Yahoo will find their way around your website and list it for appropriate keywords. From 21st April 2015 Google will favour websites that display properly on mobiles, which ours are engineered to do. 

Climbing the ranks of search engines takes time, so the sooner you get your website online, the sooner search engines will find it.  For some packages we also register websites with search engines and employ SEO consultants to get you higher up the ranks for key phrases.

How will I know people are looking at my website?

An important and informative part of the hosting service is our analysis of the logs recorded by the servers.  The logs supply a lot of data, so we extract and pass on the information most relevant to you - crucially which pages are being viewed, when and how often.  The size and frequency of reports we send you depends on the package you are paying for.

What if I need a larger website?

Whether micro or large, our websites are set up so they can grow to suit the specific needs of our clients.  This method of organic growth suits the majority of small and medium sized businesses as they develop products and refine their marketing strategy.  If or when you need a website with more than 5 pages, or require special features - such as multiple image galleries or secure shopping carts, we would be happy to give you a quote.

Do I need my website to display on multiple devices?

Yes, you do! So many people use smart phones and tablets to look at websites that you ignore them at your peril.  Of course others are using laptops and widescreen computers, so you need a website that displays properly on whatever device your viewer is using.  Our websites are responsive - they detect the device and automatically adjust the layout, image and font sizes to fit and be easy to read.  Try it now - if you are on a large screen resize your browser window to see how the page adjusts for a small screen.

Can you supply an app?

Sorry, no.  We are focussed on websites, and you probably don't need an expensive app anyway .  Apps are more suited to large organisations for providing regularly updated information online.  Typical applications are to check bank accounts, read news articles and check train times.  Not your type of business is it?

Will I get inundated with spam email?

Naturally if you display your email address online there is concern that robots can scan websites to obtain email addresses for mailing lists. To avoid this we use special obfuscation code in the website - this makes the email address invisible to robots but looks normal to people.