About skills and experience

Handheld Web is the trading name for website services offered by Nic Evans, B. Eng.  The business operates from South Devon, whilst the websites themselves are hosted on fast and reliable servers running in London and Manchester.  Continuous research into website technology, layout techniques and programming methods ensures that internationally recognised standards are employed in the production and operation of websites designed and hosted by Handheld Web.

The name Handheld Web combines the fact that our websites work properly on all modern mobile devices (as well as large screens),  with the continuous support  and commitment you'll get from an experienced practicioner and teacher of information and communication technology. 

About working with our clients

We like to make the process easy and understandable for our clients: we won't confuse you or sell you features that you don't really need.  Many industries are international - and website design and development is one of them - so its reassuring to know that there are local people who can demystify the process of commisioning a website for you and help you achieve an effective presence online without wasting time or making costly mistakes. 

If you're running a small business and need a website you may be tempted to go online and do it yourself.  If you have suffiecient time and online skills you will undoubtedly find this the cheapest solution, but when you discover that you need more than a standard website - or want to concentrate on tasks that you excel at  - it's good to know that help you can trust and rely on is at hand. 

In a business where you are constantly balancing the demands on your time and managing your cashflow you may find yourself saying "I really need a website" but never quite get around to it.  We don't hard sell and won't put you under any pressure, so why not take it one step further by emailing your need to Enable JavaScript to view protected content. or telephone 0800 772 3967 today?

About Nic Evans, B. Eng. (Hons)

Nic has a Degree in Electronic Engineering, gained at the University of Liverpool, is an IT User Expert recognised by the British Computer Society and a Qualified Teacher in FE and Adult Education, awarded by City and Guilds.

Following an initial career in broadcast television engineering (BBC, London) and video production (Satellite Project, Plymouth University), his professional interests developed to include Information Technology and the Internet. 

Nic has taught the Internet for The Open University, Video for Dartington College of Arts and Information Technology for business clients at South Devon College. 

He has been designing, teaching and publishing websites since 2002. Nic's technical skills and publishing experience enable him to provide a complete website service.  Adding his teaching abilities gives you first class support and tuition for updating your website - and using IT effectively to run your business - when you need it. 

Whenever possible, work is undertaken in-house, but he can't claim to do absolutely anything! So occasionally, to achieve high standards, some tasks may be sub-contracted to selected specialists in their field.